Call for Expression of Interest to Develop a Public Policy Handbook for Uganda

The Public Policy Institute (PPI) is a not-for-profit individual member-agency established as a platform for public policy research, analysis and engagements. PPI's mission is to develop thought leadership that enriches the social, economic and political wellbeing of citizens through rational and independent public policy research and engagements. The Institute is inviting suitably qualified individuals to submit for consideration, an expression of interest to facilitate the development of a Public Policy Handbook for Uganda.



Strategic Planning and Implementation MasterClass

A practical course that combines cutting edge knowledge and expertise in strategic planning, approaches and implementation.

By Winnie Watera

Policy Paper

The Role of Art & Popular Culture in Promoting Democratic Principles & Social Justice

This paper discusses art as a medium of expression and explores its application in the promotion of democratic principles and social justice in Uganda. It builds on the premise that art is a universal language, accessible to both the literate and the illiterate. That said, art is a complex narrative which manifests itself in a wide range of formats; and to benefit from it, it is imperative that we bear that in mind.

By Winnie Watera


Civil Society Influence on Political and Public Policy Reform in Uganda

The role of civil society in political reform is based on ‘the idea of a positive, universalist view of the desirability of civil society as part of the political project of building and strengthening democracy around the world’ (Lewis, 2001). In Uganda, increased international financing for governance and political reform blended with an appreciation of the role of civic actors in this process have been foremost factors in accelerating the advance of CSO work around politics and public policy.

By Emmanuel Kitamirike

Recent Work