Public Policy Institute (PPI)


In 2018, PPI working alongside Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine arts at Makerere University as well as with several young and emerging artists under a loose network code named #ArtSpeaks, pioneered the art and popular culture initiative to amplify the application of art and popular culture as a new form of promoting citizens’ voice and agency.

The #ArtSpeaks Network is a coalition of young and emerging industrial, fine and performing artists who have come together to use their talents to promote citizens voice and agency for social justice causes. The group with support from the Public Policy Institute has designed the #ArtSpeaks2020 initiative to strengthen the organisational and innovative capacities of young and emerging artists as well as position them to support mainstream civil society campaigns for electoral integrity.

#ArtSpeaks nurtures talents and imaginations of emerging artists, enhances their creative capacities and facilitates them to reach out to more individuals especially the youth with audio-visuals and other art products.