Public Policy Institute (PPI)

Civil Society Election Engagement Platform (CEEP)

The Civil Society Elections Engagement Platform (CEEP) is an initiative of the Public Policy Institute together with partners designed to reignite civil society interest in advocating for and contributing to a conducive electoral environment that upholds issue-based campaigns and free and fair electoral practices. This programme provides real time and evidence-based election analysis and statistics as a basis for public discussions through a nonpartisan forum.

The project objectives are to;

(i) promote active citizens political participation in election processes;

(ii) strengthen the civil society policy platform as a facilitator of collaborative engagements with various stakeholders on election delivery and management;

(iii) promote #ArtSpeaks as a new approach to engaging in civic and voter education by both government and civil society actors. The ultimate goal is to secure the democratic rights of all Ugandans through the conduct of free and fair elections that enhance public awareness and confidence in the electoral process and complies with existing policy and legal context.