Public Policy Institute (PPI)

Democratic Governance

Democratic Governance will focus on public policy research and analysis as well as democratic programming that supports ongoing efforts to improve election administration and management as well as political and social accountability.

This Democratic Governance has two sub categories namely; elections Administration and Management which entails programming that contributes to strengthening the country’s electoral environment to uphold issue-based campaigns and free and fair electoral practices; and Political and Social Accountability which embeds programming that strengthens political institutions and actors to be responsive and accountable to the citizens.

The democratic governance will respond to contemporary governance challenges ranging from corruption and Misuse of public funds, inadequate monitoring mechanisms, and abuse of citizens’ rights among others. PPI`s work will seek to build civic competence, strengthen citizen agency and build active and conscious citizen movements. PPI Uganda will take a facilitative approach by ensuring citizens access information and use the information to engage decision makers and those with power in a structured way. PPI’ will build on its current network of membership to roll out civic education and ensure more citizens are empowered to demand for rights and better services. PPI’s will also review, and document policy gaps hindering the efficient delivery of public service.

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