Public Policy Institute (PPI)

PPI Strategic Plan 2023 – 2028

4 March 2023

In the next five years, the Institute envisions consolidating its lead role in public policy research and analysis as well as organizational development consulting.

Significantly, the Institute is venturing into social and market research with new models to tap into the application of digital market tools. The Institute shall adopt an incremental approach to policy influencing, closely work with key Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies in a non-confrontational but aggressive manner as well as respond to programme and policy objectives of its partners and clients.

The Board recommits to play its oversight role over Management, ensuring that the necessary policies are in place to guide the day to day activities. The Board appreciates the efforts of the Secretariat led by Mr. Emmanuel Kitamirike that has seen this vital item on the Board agenda realized. In a special way, the Board extends its appreciation to the Institute’s partners including the National Endowment for Democracy, Impact Unified and Civil Connections Community Foundation (CCCF) for the growing technical and programming collaboration with the Institute. The Board looks forward to a fruitful 5-year delivery period.