Public Policy Institute (PPI)

Ms. Sumaya Aliza Balunywa

Aliza Sumaya Balunywa has over Seven years of experience in legal research, legal policy drafting, legal consulting and advisory for Individuals, businesses, and organizations. Her areas of specialization include corporate law as well as litigation. Legal research and drafting where she ably contributes to social justice and legal issues.

Aliza also has keen interest in human rights which is in construed in her volunteering work and services. As a result of her enthusiasm in human rights and her belief that young people should be given opportunities to change, she contested for Youth Member of Parliament (Eastern Region) in the recently concluded Member of Parliament Elections 2021 so as to have a better platform to advocate for the rights of Youth.

Aliza holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (Law Development Centre) (2016) and a Bachelor of Laws Degree LLB (Uganda Christian University) (2014). In October 2017, she was admitted to Bar and thus an enrolled advocate in Uganda.

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Twitter: Balunywa Aliza Sumaya@alizamya
Linked In: Aliza Sumaya