Public Policy Institute (PPI)

Emmanuel Kitamirike - Executive Director

Mr. Emmanuel Kitamirike is a Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Public Policy Institute, an independent not-for-profit public policy and organisational development thinktank based in Kampala, Uganda. Mr. Kitamirike is a public policy analyst with specialisation in electoral democracy, public sector governance, management and accountability, civic participation, and youth engagement. He is a distinguished social and applied public policy researcher and analyst.

Before co-founding PPI, Mr. Kitamirike worked as the Executive Director of the Uganda Youth Network, the country’s leading youth governance organisation, where he is credited for transforming UYONET into a nationally established, and professionally run leading organisation on youth governance and development issues in the region. Mr Kitamirike has provided expert advisory services to several private and public organisations including;

Some of the recent publications include;

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